Xbox Wireless Headset Headphones Review From A To Z In 2023

The Xbox Wireless Headset is a headset for gaming that works with the Xbox One and the Xbox Series S|X. The Xbox Stereo Headset, which is wired, was made by the same company, and this is their first pair of wireless headphones. It comes with built-in Xbox Wireless technology and is made to work with your Xbox console without a cable or dongle. Also, it works perfectly with PCs if you use the USB-A to USB-C cable that comes with it, and it has Bluetooth, which makes it easy to connect to your phone. It has a boom mic, onboard controls designed for gaming, and works with software that lets you change how the sound works.

1. Design

The Xbox Wireless Headset is slim and simple, and it looks a lot like the Xbox Stereo Headset, which is wired. It is mostly made of black plastic, but the ear cups have green accents to match the Xbox. Even though you can’t put the mic away or take it off, you can wrap it around the ear cups when you’re not using it.
The Xbox Wireless Headset is well-put together. The headband is made of plastic and is held together with a metal band. The headband and earcups are padded with fake leather. The headphones feel sturdy and shouldn’t break if you drop them or bump into them by accident. The yokes, on the other hand, don’t move very much, and the ear cups don’t turn. They also make a slight creaking sound, which is most obvious on the right side, and the dials make a faint grinding sound. It might not happen to every unit, so if you have these headphones, please tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

2. Sound

The Xbox Wireless Headset has a sound profile that is very heavy on bass. Using the default “Game EQ” setting, which is the flattest EQ, these headphones make a very thumping, boomy sound that some users may find too loud. Lucky for you, they have EQ presets and a graphic EQ that you can use to change the way they sound. If you want a more neutral sound profile or want to compare the other EQ presets to the default setting, you can look at this comparison graph. We also do a sweep with people and match the crossfade for over-ear headphones. We can measure anything between 600 and 900 Hz. You can also change the bass levels by using a custom EQ preset with settings like those shown in Custom 1 or Custom 2.

The bass isn’t very good on the Xbox Wireless Headset. It has a strong thump, boom, and punch because it is overemphasized across the range. But it also sounds too much and too muddy.

3. Isolation


The Xbox Wireless Headset doesn’t leak too much sound. These headphones leak sound all over the place, but most of it is quieter than a typical office. If you listen to music loudly, it’s unlikely to bother the people around you.

4. Microphone


The way the boom mic handles noise is good enough. It does a great job of separating your voice from moderate background noise, like people talking. But louder sounds, like traffic outside your window, can make it hard for people to hear you.

Check out the Razer Kaira Pro Wireless for Xbox if you want gaming headphones that work well with Xbox Wireless and block out more noise.

5. Battery

The battery life of the Xbox Wireless Headset is great. It lasts about 19 hours on a single charge, which is longer than the 15 hours that were advertised, though this can change depending on how it is used. The headset also has a timer that turns it off after a certain amount of time, which helps save battery life when you’re not using it. You can also use it while it’s charging. If you connect to a device via Bluetooth and then use its USB-A to USB-C cable to connect to your PC or Xbox, you can play audio from both the device and the PC or Xbox at the same time. But if you use Xbox Wireless on your PC or Xbox and then plug in the headset to charge it, the PC’s audio takes precedence over the wireless audio and the USB audio takes over.

6. Connect

The Xbox Wireless Headset works really well with Bluetooth. It doesn’t support NFC pairing, but it can connect to a Bluetooth device like your phone while staying connected to an Xbox console or PC using an Xbox Wireless adapter. It has low latency on both iOS and Android, so if you use them to watch a video on your phone, the sound shouldn’t be out of sync. On PC, though, the latency is much higher, which could make it hard to play games. But some apps make up for latency, so your experience in the real world may be different.

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The Xbox Wireless Headset can be used to play games wirelessly. The sound of these headphones is heavy on bass, which some people may find too much. You can change how they sound by using the graphic EQ and presets in the software that comes with them. They are also comfortable and can play music for more than 19 hours straight. Their boom mic does a great job of picking up your voice, so no one will have trouble understanding you. But they have a high non-Bluetooth wireless latency, which could cause problems with audio lag when playing. If you want to use them on a PC without Bluetooth, you have to buy a separate adapter.

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