The 8 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – In 2023 Reviews From A To Z

Find the best in-ear wireless headphones based on what’s most important to you, whether you don’t have an audio jack on your phone or like the freedom of going wireless. If you’re looking for in-ear headphones to use at the office, noise isolation and battery life may be your top priorities. If you’re looking for in-ear headphones to use at the gym, fit and durability are probably more important to you. There are models for almost every need, and some are flexible enough to work well whether you’re running a marathon or riding the bus. Where do you start when there are so many models to choose from?

We’ve bought and tested over 220 sets of wireless earbuds and in-ear headphones. Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best wireless earbuds to buy. Check out our suggestions for the best Bluetooth headphones if you want to learn more about wireless headphones in general. If you have a certain budget in mind, you may also want to look at our picks for the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds under $50 and $100.

1. Bose Truly Wireless QuietComfort Earbuds II

The best wireless earbuds that we’ve tried are the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Truly Wireless. If you want to block out noise, these high-end buds are the best you can get. Like most of Bose’s products, they have an excellent noise-canceling (ANC) system that does a better job than competitors like the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) Truly Wireless. They do a good job of blocking out plane engine noise and other background noise, making them a good choice for the office or long trips. With the ANC turned on, they can also be used for more than six hours straight, and their carrying case can hold three more charges if you need them.

Even though they’re bigger than some of the other options on this list, they’re a bit smaller than the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Truly Wireless and fit very well. They also have fins that help them stay in your ear when you’re moving around. Right out of the box, their u-shaped sound gives your music more thump and punch, while vocals and instruments sound clear. If you want a different sound, you can change it with the graphic EQ and presets in the app that goes with them. Also, even though they are high-end headphones, they can’t be paired with more than one device, which is a bit surprising at this price.

2. The second generation of Apple AirPods Pro are truly wireless.

As the name suggests, the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Truly Wireless are the next version of the Apple AirPods Pro Truly Wireless. These earbuds are made with the same high-quality materials and have the same comfortable design as their predecessor. They also have the same Apple-only features, such as an H2 chip for easy pairing with iOS devices and virtual surround sound through Apple Music. Even though they don’t have sound customization options like the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Truly Wireless, they have a well-balanced sound profile that works with most types of music.

Their active noise cancelling (ANC) feature does a great job of blocking noise in the bass and mid-range. If you want to hear what’s going on around you, you can use the “Transparency” mode. Otherwise, you can’t change the ANC. These earbuds have the same six-hour battery life as the Bose earbuds with ANC turned on. Their case holds four extra charges, so you can always charge them up. If you want high-quality earbuds with a battery that lasts longer, the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 can be used for almost nine hours on a single charge. They aren’t as comfortable, though, and their ANC doesn’t work as well.

3. Google Pixel Buds Pro Are Really Wireless

The Google Pixel Buds Pro Truly Wireless are a good choice if you want the best wireless earbuds at a price that isn’t too high. Even though these buds don’t feel as high-end as the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) Truly Wireless, they have all the high-end features you’d expect at this price point. They support multi-device pairing, so you can easily stay connected to your smartphone and PC at the same time. They also have a strong ANC system that does a good job of blocking out sounds like the low rumble of buses and background chatter. They can be used nonstop for just under eight hours, and the case they come in can hold almost two extra charges.

Even though these buds fit well, they can pop out of your ear after a while, which can be annoying if you want to take them to the gym. This fit also means that they don’t always give the same kind of bass. Once you find the right fit, they have a v-shaped sound profile that gives you more bass and bright vocals and instruments. You can tweak them to your liking with the graphic EQ in their companion app. If you want earbuds that fit better, you might want to look at the Sony LinkBuds S Truly Wireless instead. They don’t fall out of your ears as easily, but their noise cancellation doesn’t block out as much bass range noise.

4. Truly Wireless Anker Soundcore Space A40

The affordable Anker Soundcore Space A40 Truly Wireless headphones have a lot of features that are usually only found in more expensive ones. These earbuds have noise cancellation that is just as good as the Google Pixel Buds Pro Truly Wireless, which are on this list but cost more. The Anker buds can easily block out noise in the bass and mid-range, and you can switch the ANC between four modes: “High,” “Medium,” “Low,” and “Adaptive,” which automatically adjusts to the noise level in your environment.

With an auto-off feature and four extra charges in the carrying case, these headphones will last through a long trip or a busy day at the office. But they are made of cheap-feeling plastic and are hard to figure out how to use. They also don’t have stability fins, which makes it more likely that they will fall out during a hard workout. But if you don’t want to spend as much on earbuds, they’re still a good choice.

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Our suggestions above are what we think are the best wireless in-ear headphones for most people to buy right now, depending on their needs. We take into account the price (cheaper headphones win over more expensive ones if the difference isn’t worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no headphones that are difficult to find or almost out of stock in the U.S.).

Here is a list of all our reviews for wireless earbuds and in-ears, if you want to choose for yourself. Don’t let yourself get lost in the details. There is no ideal pair of headphones. Your personal taste, what you like, and how you usually listen will be more important in your choice.

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