Sony ZX Series Lightweight Swiveling Earcup Headphones

The Sony MDR ZX110 is one of the least expensive over-the-ear headphones made by Sony or any other company. And even though its price is lower than that of many earbuds, it works very well for the price. The Sony MDR ZX110 may be one of the best over-ear headphones you can get. It has noise-cancelling features, a strong bass, and cables that are more than durable. If you want to compare these headphones to another pair of over-ear headphones, check out our review of the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones. But keep in mind that the MDR ZX110 is not wireless like the Mpow 059, which is a little more expensive. Check out our review of the Teqa Fit Bluetooth Headphone if you want buds instead of over-ear headphones.

Sony is one of the few audio companies that has a well-known brand name and a large market share. Sony is one of only a few companies in India that can sell headphones by the thousand. Its brand name has been carefully built up over the years. This is because they have a huge range of products that start as low as Rs. 590 and go up to Rs. 41,990.
The Rs. 990 MDR-ZX110 is one of Sony’s most popular on-ear models and also one of its cheapest. The ZX110 is a budget winner and one of the best-selling personal audio products in India. It has a design that is very typical of Sony. How well can Sony do with such a small budget? In our review, we find out.

We like the Sony MDR ZX110 because:

From far away, the Sony MDR-ZX110 looks fancy and expensive. Its body has a mix of matte and glossy finishes that make it look more expensive than anything else we’ve seen at this price. But when you get close, it looks very cheap. The plastic is thin and bendable, and it doesn’t look or feel like it can take much abuse, so you should be careful with it.

This headset has a unique way to fold up that lets the ear cups twist in toward the headband. This makes it a little easier to store the MDR-ZX110 when it’s not in use. Aside from this, the Sony MDR-ZX110 has 30mm dynamic drivers with a frequency response range of 12-22,000Hz, 24Ohms impedance, and a sensitivity rating of 98dB. The MDR-ZX110 doesn’t have an in-line microphone or a remote control, but for Rs. 700 more, Sony sells the MDR-ZX110AP, which does.

The ear cups have very little padding, but that’s enough to make them comfortable enough to wear on the ears. The headband doesn’t have any padding, but it fits well and feels safe and comfortable. The MDR-ZX110 also has a thick, strong cable that looks like it can handle a lot of stress. After the Y-splitter, the 1.2m cable splits into two separate, somewhat flat cables that aren’t as strong as the lower half. Because of how it is made and how thick it is, the cable is not too easy to tangle and makes very little noise. Overall, we like how the Sony MDR-ZX110 looks and feels, except for how thin it is.

The Sony MDR ZX110 is one of the most affordable sets of headphones that go over the ears. It has a bass-heavy sound that makes listening to music even more enjoyable. The Sony MDR ZX110, which costs less than $20, has a decently comfortable design, a wide frequency response, and active noise cancellation. If you have more money to spend, check out our review of the LSTN Cherrywood Troubadours Headphones.


The Sony MDR-ZX110 gives you a bass-focused audio experience with a wide frequency response of 12 to 22000 kHz. This will make listening to music enjoyable for many people. And with three different models and noise-cancelling and mic options, you get a lot for a very low price. Check out our review of the POC skateboard helmet with Dr. Dre headphones if you want to listen to music while you skateboard.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 is wireless, but the Sony MDR ZX110 is not. But the wires aren’t that big of a deal when you consider that they are Flat-Y Cables, which don’t get tangled easily and have a rougher, more durable texture. If you want a cheap pair of wireless earphones, you should check out either the Mpow 059 or the Cowin E7.


On the other hand, the Sony MDR-sound ZX110’s quality isn’t always bad, but it tends to be more bass-heavy and boomy, with darker treble and high-end sounds. Now, this is a downside, but the Sony MDR ZX110 is still one of the best ZX series headphones if you like to listen to music with a lot of bass and less focus on the high-end sounds. On the other hand, our review of the SMS audio sync 50 wireless Bluetooth headphones shows that they are a nice pair that can do just as well as the Sony headphones.

Lastly, the MDR ZX110 has 30 mm drivers, and thanks to its active noise canceling feature, they don’t leak much sound, so your office or library stays quiet. A AAA battery gives the headphones 87.9 hours of noise-canceling power. This means you won’t have to change the battery as often, and when you do, it won’t be a big deal.


The Sony MDR-ZX110 may not be the most comfortable headphone because it doesn’t have padding on the headband. However, the headband only weighs 132g, so it won’t put too much pressure on your head. And if the earcups have enough padding, you can wear them for a long time without getting tired of them.

Also, you can fold the ear cups on the Sony MDR ZX110, which makes them easier to store and carry. With a small swivel on the ear cups, you can easily change them to make the headphones more comfortable. The ZX110 is made entirely of plastic, which isn’t very durable, but the backs of the ear cups are shiny, which gives the device a bit of an aesthetic look. And it doesn’t do much, since it only has a switch to turn on the noise-cancelling feature and nothing else.

The Sony MDR ZX110 lives up to its price, which is only $14, and maybe even exceeds people’s expectations. You can get it on Amazon for almost $7, but before you buy it, you should think about how you feel about bass-heavy sound and if the wired design works for you. Aside from that, most reviews of the Sony MDR ZX110 say that its construction seems fragile, so you may need to be careful where you put the headphones. And if you can get past all of that, the Sony MDR ZX110 is a great pair of headphones with a lot of features and a great price.


Even though they don’t have as solid a design as the Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K or aren’t wireless like the Mpow 059, the Sony MDR ZX110 have great sound quality with a strong focus on bass. They also have durable wires and pretty comfortable ear pads. So, if you only have a few dollars to spend and you just need a pair of headphones to get you through your commute or if you need a temporary pair right away, the Sony MDR ZX110, which costs almost as little as $7, should be your first choice.

The Sony MDR-ZX110 might look good and keep the style that has made Sony a popular brand of headphones, but it isn’t as well made as it could be. It feels cheap, and while we had the review unit, we were always afraid of breaking it. But it has an immersive, full sound that does a great job with bass. Detail and clarity aren’t as good as they could be, but for this price, bass fans won’t have much to complain about. The Sony MDR-ZX110 should be on your list if you want a pair of on-ear headphones with serious attack and drive for less than Rs. 1,000.


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