Review Of The Dell G15 (2023) laptop

A low-cost gaming laptop with NVIDIA dedicated Graphics and Intel 12th Gen Processors is the Dell G15 (2022). It is the 5520 model, which uses Intel 11th Gen processors to replace the Dell G15 5511 from 2021. The main difference between it and its predecessor is the new hybrid architecture of Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs, which combine performance and efficiency cores. A QHD 240Hz display, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti GPU option, and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity for models with an RTX 3060 and 3070Ti are among the additional upgrades. A special edition Obsidian Black color with an aluminum cover is among the other color choices. The Dell G15 5525 is a variation that uses AMD Ryzen 6000-series CPUs in place of the AMD Ryzen 5000-series CPUs found in the Dell G15 5515.

Our Dell G15 sports an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 GPU, an Intel Core i5-12500H CPU, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. A CPU with an Intel Core i7-12700H, which has two more performance cores, can be upgraded. The default GPU configuration is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050. Upgrade to an RTX 3050TI, RTX 3060, or RTX 3070Ti for improved performance. The laptop may be configured with up to 32GB of memory and 1TB of PCIe NVMe SSD storage. Other possibilities for displays include a panel with a 1080p 120Hz resolution, a 1080p 165Hz screen, and a 1440p 240Hz panel.

Variations And Size Differences

With an Intel Core i5-12500H processor, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 GPU, 8GB of memory, and 256GB of storage, we tested the Dell G15 (model 5520). The table below lists the configuration options for the screen, CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage. Only the Model 5520 with Intel 12th Gen Processors is included by our review.

Only the setup we evaluated has the validity of our display and performance results. We’ll update it if you find an alternative configuration choice that isn’t mentioned above or if you have a Dell G15 laptop that is comparable but doesn’t match our review. Certain tests, such color accuracy and black uniformity, can differ between different units.

About Other Laptops

It’s hard to beat the Dell G15 5520 as a cheap gaming laptop. Compared to other laptops in its class, it offers more advanced display and GPU tuning choices, but its build quality isn’t as strong.


isplayThe Dell G15 5510, like the majority of cheap gaming laptops, sadly has a subpar display. For a laptop with an IPS panel, the black level and contrast are more than respectable (0.24 cd/m2 and 1,200:1, respectively), but the brightness and color space are far from ideal. The 15-inch monitor’s average brightness of 264 cd/m2 makes it unsuitable for outdoor use. For this, the display would need to be at least 350 cd/m2.

Although just 62% of sRGB is covered, the color fidelity is acceptable despite the rather weak colors. Also, response times are less than what we are used to from more expensive gaming laptops. At rapid motions, delays of about 21 ms from black to white and 33 ms from gray to gray can cause compromises (e.g. in first-person shooters). Regarding viewing angles, there isn’t anything to be unhappy about because they are pleasantly stable.


The Dell G15 falls into the mid-range thanks to the Core i5-10500H and GeForce RTX 3050. For a low-cost gaming device, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage are additional requirements.

test circumstances

Many system settings can be changed using the pre-installed Alienware Command Center. Our tests were run with the default setup, with the thermal profile and power management both set to “Balanced” (see screenshots).


The Core i5-10500H is a hexa-core CPU from Intel’s Comet Lake generation that is made using an antiquated 14 nm manufacturing process. The 45-watt variant can handle up to 12 threads simultaneously, as was previously noted. The UHD Graphics 630 (Optimus technology) internal graphics chip takes over when the discrete Nvidia GPU is not in use.

Our review unit’s performance is respectable when compared to competing laptops with more recent CPUs. As a result, the i5-10500H handily outperforms the i5-10200H found in its comparably priced sibling model, and it sits nicely between the Core i5-11300H and the Core i5-11400H in the Cinebench R15 loop. Extremely nice: Even after a long length of time, the CPU performance remains fairly stable.

System functionality

The system performance of the product meets all requirements for a low-cost gaming laptop. The operating system (Windows 11 Home) reacts quickly and pleases the user, despite PCMark 10 scores that are only good enough for penultimate position in the test field.

Touchpad and keyboard

The keyboard on the Dell G15 (5520) has a shallow, mushy feel, which is not ideal for accurate game typing. On the 10fastfingers typing test, however, I was able to type 105 words per minute, which is 5 to 10 wpm faster than usual. In Overwatch 2, I was also able to maneuver swiftly and precisely.

The 2.4 x 4.1-inch touchpad is sufficient for productivity tasks, but a mouse—possibly the finest gaming mice—is required if you want to play games. The pad consistently recognized actions like two-finger scrolling and three-finger swipes while I was using the desktop and browsing the internet, although pinch-to-zoom wasn’t always responsive.

Programs and Warranties

Dell includes some bloatware and a few meager utilities with the G15. The main utility app is called My Dell, although it isn’t really useful. The Explore, Media, Power, Essential, Alienware Command Center, and Support tiles are the first six. The Explore section is a collection of dull instructions containing “keep your system healthy” information and Windows advice. Both the Essentials tab, which is supposed to suggest you software you might enjoy, and the Media tile, which looks to be for modifying playback settings, just stated that there were “no apps available at this time.” While Support gives you access to Dell’s technical support services, Power gives you a few power settings and information about your battery health.

You can check the system temperature and fan speeds, as well as the CPU, GPU, and memory utilization, using Alienware Command Center. To improve performance, reduce noise, or extend battery life, you can also modify the thermal profile. There is a Library feature that allows you to open all of the games on your computer and displays them all.

Dell Mobile Connect, a convenient feature we’ve seen on other Dell PCs, enables you to control your smartphone from the desktop. The audio output can be customized using Dolby Access and checked for with Dell Update.

Along with standard Windows bloatware like Instagram, Tiktok, Solitaire, and Adobe Express, the system also includes a trial version of McAfee Personal Security.

Dell offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor for the G15, but for an additional cost, you can extend it up to four years, add accidental damage insurance, or add advanced support.

To sum up

The Dell laptop is not the only one available at this price point. The Acer Nitro 5, which now costs $100 more but features a brighter screen, an RGB keyboard, and 16GB of RAM, offers performance that is pretty comparable. The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 starts at a considerably lower price (now little over $700), but it uses slower DDR4 RAM and has a ridiculously small 256GB SSD as standard, so you’ll need to update it right away. The G15 (5520) is now priced between these two rivals, but that could change at any time owing to discounts and promotions. The Dell G15 is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a reliable PC gaming laptop on a sub-$1000 budget, and you could definitely purchase it for less with a Dell discount code.

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